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Poetry Websites: Look for poems up to a page with strong images, emotions and an interesting use of language. They dominate for most major prizes, anthologies and awards; they try to respond to all submissions within 10 days of receiving them and provide feedback on bids where possible. We love these guys!

This newspaper has also made our flash fiction list (they also take news). They publish online and on paper and they do dominate for the Pushcart prize. If your poem is accepted, you may also be selected for audio publication – an interesting advantage.

Ready to submit but wondering where? I don’t wonder anymore. We have great suggestions for you – loving lying magazines that are friendly with emerging poets. There are no fees for all entries on our list and are open to simultaneous submission. If you’re in a hurry, check out our list of great places to submit your poetry if you don’t want to wait.

Is open to submissions all year round and publishes poems online as they accept them. Four times a year, they collect poems published on their website in collections that are available on paper and online. They pride themselves on their speed of execution (a rare and valuable quality in a lit magazine) and they only dominate for the Pushcart Award and the best of the network.

Includes three poets per quarterly issue and interviews with each poet. They also regularly publish poems between issues, including a series called #NotTrump. We say yes! This international magazine has been around since 2004 and only does poetry, including prose poetry. Each month, they present a handful of new poets on their website. They usually respond within weeks and often in the days following the submission.